9-11 Sep 2015 Paris (France)

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Mapping underwater landscape Shing Mung River, Hong Kong
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1 : School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong  (SCM/CityU, Hong Kong.)  -  Website
City University of Hong Kong Level 7, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre 18 Tat Hong Avenue Kowloon Tong Hong Kong -  R.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong

Hong Kong's dramatic urban transformation, from the late 50s until now, has changed the city's face and identity. The anthropic activity on the Shatin area, that began in the early 70′, after land reclamation, the extension of land over the sea, and the creation of the artificial river Shing Mun, has cancelled a many rural villages creating the biggest residential urban agglomerate in Hong Kong. The river as place of contact between two points, natural landscape and artificial landscape, is the results of production activity, social, cultural and environmental life in the various neighbourhoods starting from Tai Wai up to Tai Po. In order to explore the implication of increasing of human density in diverse levels and how body-flows patterns transform the urban environments around Shatin Area, Alessandro Carboni developed, under the commission of Hong Kong Sound Library, a sound-scape mapping project. The artist investigated how the body and sound can be used to map, read and produce a narrative reportage of Shing Mun River. Alessandro Carboni proposed a mix method of data embodied and sonification mapping of landspace involving a sequential taxonomy of steps field-recording and performance practices. The paper intends to underline the key elements of the project, and therefore look at how embodiment practices are involved in his creative process. As practitioner, the artist looks at urban environment in Hong Kong and how it affect its practice in their mutual interaction.


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