9-11 Sep 2015 Paris (France)
How do China and Africa Translate Each Other Culturally?
Frieda Ekotto  1@  
1 : University of Michigan - U-M (USA)

On the basis of which epistemological frameworks do China and Africa encapsulate key elements about each other? China and Africa are two different cultural spaces: because of China's involvement in Africa since the Bandung Conference, it would be important to trace the African intellectual traditions within the Chinese intelligentsia of the time. This paper will chart new territory in its exploration of connections, both historical and contemporary, between Africa and China. I would mostly examine this connection in one direction i.e.: the Chinese vis-à-vis Africa. Besides the economic trade and Realpolitik, what are the cultural exchanges that have taken place between the two cultural entities? I will do a cultural history of the Sino-African exchanges. In other words, I will trace key Chinese readings of African and Africana thinkers, or China's reading of Africa from the 1950s to this day. How can we put the African and Chinese intellectual traditions in dialogue with one another? Around what keywords do they converge, clash, meet, or mesh? How is the cultural translation of these terms achieved? 

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