9-11 Sep 2015 Paris (France)
Newcomer Korean Marriage Migrants in Japan: An Analysis of Community Involvement
Dukin Lim  1@  
1 : The University of Tokyo
Tokyo -  Japon

Marriage statistics show a significant rise in international marriage in Asia in recent years. Foreign wives, originating mainly from China, South Korea, and the Philippines, face significant lifestyle challenges related to their marriages. This qualitative study seeks to understand the challenges faced by married Korean migrants when participating in the Korean and Japanese communities, and the influence of these communities on the women's lives. This paper utilizes a ‘snowball sampling' method, with introductions from personal contacts and the online community. This study focuses on the following issues: the ways in which immigrant women are involved in society, why they choose to become involved or not involved in the communities from their own perspectives, and what community involvement means for them. Women who choose to participate in the Japanese community rather than the Korean community tends to do so in order to avoid prejudice, facilitate integration into Japanese society, and gain useful information about raising children in Japan. On the other hand, there are some women who are not involved in either community. These women face difficulties in integrating into both the Korean and Japanese communities, because within the Korean community they are treated as special cases that have chosen to live away from their country, friends, and family.

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