9-11 Sep 2015 Paris (France)
Delhi narration. Video-art like instrument to discover the city and its limits.
Claudia Roselli  1@  
1 : university of florence

Delhi narration. Video-art like instrument to discover the city and its limits.

Delhi is a complex metropolis: fascinating, smelling of novelties and changes.In its roads contrasts, beauty and opposites are mixing to giving shape at certain new scenaries. Urban planning tools are used to design and to reorder areas and spaces of the city. Sometime they are not enough powerfull to read the complexity and the oversee the new cultural and spatial routes. Some corners and some zones of the city can remain undiscovered or forbidden. Claudia Roselli used a video tools to narrate the existence of this special places or to build a language to narrate fears, necessities and possibilities. The researcher would like to present here two works that she used to differently introduce to the knowledge of the city: for first “Sacred Bodies” (2011) a video of a performance piece made in Shahjahanabad, one of the Delhi oldest neighborhoods, today a tourist destination managed by a muslim family. The performance was enacted like a walk from the India Gate to the Jaama Majid. The second work was titled “Things that cannot be said” (2014), it is a night video, where the artist dressed in an indian sari walked in different part of the city. It was created to make a reflection on the urban safety during the night for woman, mainly after the growing of the violent spiral of events after 2012. Video and performance are used from Roselli like narrative instruments about city and its different places and atmospheres.

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