9-11 Sep 2015 Paris (France)
The political system of China:Some considerations on its nature and prospects
Romer Cornejo Bustamante  1@  
1 : Professor  (COLMEX)  -  Website
Camino al Ajusco 20. Pedregal de Sta. Teresa, México DF -  Mexique

A review of most of the academic positions on the political system of China indicates that the general premise of most foreign authors is that the current political system in China does not respond to the new social and economic conditions of the country, and that there is no other solution than a multiparty system. Such assumption is generally based on the axiom that market liberalization necessarily encourages or leads to political liberalization. In this text I look for analyze the political system of China and their relationships with various internal and external issues, considering the self-definition that Chinese elites have built since they were practically forced to consider their country as one more among the world. In this self-definition has been recovered the old aspiration of "wealth and power", as re-signified from an ancient moral content to a contemporary material power and people legitimacy.

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